Wrinkle Serum for Dry Skin

A complex serum which contains a series of elements beneficial to the skin, especially suitable for dry skin, dehydrated or mature. It can be used daily, morning instead of cream applied daily or evening, depending on how they thrive better complexion.

Ingredients for 30 ml:

  • avocado oil – 10 ml (9.2 gr)
  • kukui oil – 7.7 ml (7.1 gr)
  • hemp seed oil – 10.5 ml (9.7 gr)
  • broccoli oil – 1.5 ml (1.4 gr)
  • rosewood essential oil – 5 drops
  • Vitamin E – 4 drops

Before you start preparing this recipe you should disinfect your working place, your tools and containers according to this article.

In a bowl or a glass mix all ingredients, and transfer the resulting composition into the dedicated container. Can be prepared directly in the bottle, stirring well after each addition of ingredients.

The composition is allowed to synergize 24 hours before use.

Avocado oil – is an excellent anti-age oil that penetrates the skin well, is emollient, antioxidant, restores skin elasticity and comfort, is protective and soothing for sensitive skin.

Kukui oil – is an oil with skin regenerative action, included in this formula especially for not -greasy texture in compensation for other oils, thus contribute to improving absorption of the serum.

Hemp seed oil – presents an interesting profile of essential fatty acids, is moisturising, regenerating, strengthens the skin hydrolipidic barrier.

Broccoli oil – is rich and concentrated in nutrients, good for dry, dehydrated.

Rosewood essential oil – with a sweet scent pleasant, is an ingredient anti-age, regenerates the skin and helps the skin regains elasticity and suppleness.


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